• Services

    Our customer support goes far beyond maintenance and service. We strive to extend the operational lifecycle of your installed machines and lines, therefore maximizing the return on investment. As new market possibilities emerge in terms of products, recipes, presentations and packaging, we help you to take advantage of these developments without major re-investment.

    In many cases, there are more possibilities for extending the useful operational and economic life of your machines. We can, for example, recondition or refurbish equipment to meet new international, national or local health and safety regulations, or to deliver many more years of faithful service. In some cases, the possibilities also include specially engineered kits or modifications that can be installed at your site to modernize machines of an older generation. In a few special cases, temporary equipment may be available on a rental or loan basis.

    Genuine spare parts and tooling are not only designed and made for long-life, they offer guaranteed compatibility and performance. We pay great attention to safety, hygiene and environmental responsibility. Our knowledge of machines and their capabilities means we are best able to ensure you get the best out of your machines for as long as possible.

  • Spares and Service

    At Vishva Enterprises we aim to enhance the operation of your equipment to ensure maximum uptime. This is the pro-active service offered by Vishva Enterprises, designed to optimize the performance of your equipment through its complete lifecycle.

    As a part of the Service Promise from Vishva Enterprises, we ensure:

    • Installation and Commissioning of new equipment
    • Delivery of OEM Certified Spare Parts and Tooling
    • Spare Parts Logistics
    • Installation of Spares on request
    • Refurbishing old machinery
    • Repairs and Maintenance

    We also have the provision for Annual Maintenance Contracts with our clients to ensure preventive maintenance and lower chances of a breakdown. A service agreement with us is an investment in uptime. All our services, including spare parts, are geared towards maximizing production time.

  • Second Hand Equipment

    GEA Food Solutions is known for top quality food processing and packaging equipment that serve nearly every need in the food processing chain as well as some specialty foods. Our promise to you is "Lifecycle Performance" - solutions that will increase your performance here and now, but also over time.

    We understand that delivery time and budget are critical factors when it comes to investing in equipment. GEA Food Solutions always has a wide range of equipment in stock to able to quickly supply a solution that meets your requirements.

    Second Hand Equipment is always delivered in a safe working condition and compliance with your needs, manufacturer refurbished, if needed. However, for special cases, we can refurbish machines at your site with genuine spares.

    In other words: Second Hand, First Class!

    * Please note that all available machines are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Technology Centers

    The GEA Food Solutions Technology Centers give you hands-on access to 300 years of application, process and machine experience! The facilities are available for individual customer demonstrations as well as training, seminars, applications support and special events. We can also support you with testing new recipes and new products, processes and techniques.

    Facilities include:

    • Preparation equipment for grinding, standardization (fat analysis), bowl cutting, mixing and ultra-fast defrosting
    • Marination equipment for brine management (mixing, storage and cooling), brine injection, defrosting, tumbling, tenderizing and massaging
    • Processing equipment for forming, pre-dusting, coating, frying, cooking, roasting, grilling and freezing
    • Packaging equipment for sample runs engineering along with Slicing equipment
    • Production and Packaging equipment for lollipops and sugar cubes

  • Link Diversification

    In a few cases it so happens that we are not able to provide the complete solution to service your product requirements. In such cases we can help you through Link Diversification. With us you can achieve the best possible results to grow and benefit together!

    To put it simply:

    • Link – Creation of a relationship between multiple suppliers
    • Diversification – Sourcing from identified suppliers to integrate a full line solution

    This means we will search for the best and quality machinery outside our portfolio to suit your requirement and integrate them with GEA FS equipment to form a complete line solution.

    Link Diversification is a means of spreading the base over multiple suppliers without a worry of the integration load and overall risk that includes all capital expenditures and investments.

    We have been successfully integrating this technique in multiple organizations for wonderful results and a satisfaction shared between the customer and the supplier.